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Magnus Hedemark

Chief Information Officer

Magnus has been a life-long technology enthusiast and 30-year veteran of technology operations. He has a well-rounded background both as an individual contributor to technology teams in organisations of all sizes, as well as a steady career progression as an executive leader of technology teams. And through it all, he’s been a champion of neurodiversity inclusion in his professional and personal life.

As an openly neurodivergent technology leader, Magnus’ role is to apply Genius Within’s considerable industry experience in neurodiversity inclusion into applied uses of technology for GW’s business partners.

Magnus is one of very few openly Autistic technology executives and has direct lived experience with the challenges that neurodivergent workers face when exploring potential leadership career tracks. It is an area of personal passion for Magnus to help neurodivergent workers and leaders to understand their strengths and tap into their latent potential.

Magnus volunteers a portion of his personal time mentoring neurodivergent university students through programs like NCSU’s Students Moving Forward. During the pandemic, Magnus served on a special task force with the Stanford Neurodiversity Project to try to secure employment opportunities for at-risk neurodivergent adults.

Magnus resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with his partner of over 30 years, his three daughters, and many pets.